A Few of My Favorite Things… on Long Beach Island

I wanted to share just a few of my favorite spots to shop, eat and play. Long Beach Island, New Jersey is a great place to spend a week by the shore with friends or family. I’ve got you covered for every meal for your first day on the island and some of my favorite places to visit. Enjoy!

There is no other option for breakfast other than Uncle Wills. The cutest part is they are themed with all kinds of pigs! This is by far the best place for food, environment and service! The restaurant has been established for over 50 years and it’s popularity has never wavered! Did I mention the food is delicious?

Just a little slice of heaven at Uncle Wills.

So, when Mom and I vacation on the island, we have a routine. For years there was a bookstore next to Uncle Wills and I went there every morning to shop for a great on-the-beach romance novel. Unfortunately, they moved down the island and then subsequently closed, but something even more right up my alley appeared in their place. How to Live is an eclectic beach home decor store than has a perfect mixture of new and old from fashion to art and everything in between.

Then, right across the street, How to Live: Bayside has the same charm and quaintness with an addition of vintage and restored furniture and decor. One of my favorite things about these two stores (which are owned by the same people) is the uniqueness of every accessory they have. It’s almost like antiquing but where everything is already at the finished product and restored.

Shortly after breakfast, we make our way back to our hotel room to relax, do some reading and get ready for the beach. I’m all go-go-go so usually this means Mom relaxes while I go sit by the pool.

For lunch no one wants to leave the beach so we pack a lunch most days. Incase you want to venture out, there are so many great delis and sandwich shops down Long Beach Island Blvd. You can quickly find a lunch spot within 5 minutes via bicycle or car.

For dinner, my personal favorite is Howard’s. While sitting right by the bay, watch an incredible sunset as you dine on delicious seafood and wine (it is BYOB). They are usually busy and I would plan to get there early. Howard’s Seafood Restaurant has been there for 70 years and is a staple of the Long Beach Island community.

Enjoying my seafood scampi

For an after-dinner activity, outdoor mini golf is all the rage on Long Beach Island. There are immersive, challenging courses around the island to satisfy the most avid mini-golfer.

Every year my parents and I visit LBI, it is almost a nightly occurrence to play mini golf. To be honest, I’m terrible at it and my swing is way too powerful, but I continue to try. There has been one time or two where I finally defeated my dad and boy it was satisfying.

Settler’s Mill Adventure Golf and Mr. Tees Family Arcade are two of my favorite. The Settler’s Mill has two 18 hole courses that are right in the heart of Beach Haven and steps from shopping and restaurants. Mr. Tee’s features a wild and challenging 18 hole course that really thinks out of the box or the classic waterfall 18 hole course that is great for families and small children. Mr. Tee’s also boasts a small, yet fun arcade with everyone’s favorite: Skee-ball.

Yes, my outfit is extra. I know.

Looking for a place to stay? There’s homes and townhouse to rent or multiple hotels to choose from with built-in pools! When I was three years old, my parents bought me to The Sea Spray Motel in Beach Haven. We went every year for a week for 13 years before we skipped a year or two. I’m not gonna lie the decor is very outdated, but there is a gorgeous built-in pool and the hotel is in such close proximity to the beach it makes up for the look of the interior. You can walk to the beach or bay in 5 minutes or less.

And just in case you needed one more reason to go, there are 18 miles of beaches too.

Love, Olivia

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