Surgery Four

At this point, I’m content. All I can say is God is good. I feel like through this year I’ve experienced a lot of “when things don’t go as planned” scenarios and to be frankly honest I’m over it. Yet, through the diagnosis, complications in surgery, the pandemic and juggling different jobs this year, GodContinue reading “Surgery Four”

Surgery Three

Hello friends! My third non-invasive surgery was scheduled for August 22nd which went smoothly and successfully. Not to say all of my neurosurgery procedures haven’t gone successfully, but there seems to be issues during closing at the groin. The left leg was used accessing the femoral artery at the groin and there were NO complicationsContinue reading “Surgery Three”

Beach Day in Rye, New Hampshire

This is a new area I’ve been exploring and I’m all for the quaint little beach towns. If you’re looking for a quieter beach destination to relax by the ocean, then Rye, New Hampshire is perfect for you! It’s a great spot for families and it boasts way less traffic and overall congestion than HamptonContinue reading “Beach Day in Rye, New Hampshire”

Surgery Two

Well, we had such high hopes for this surgery and so many people fervently praying and I should be offering more praise and thanks, but I’m just frustrated. Erik drove me to the hospital at 5 AM for our 6 AM arrival. I was brought up to pre-op and Erik waited on floor above untilContinue reading “Surgery Two”

A Few of My Favorite Things… on Long Beach Island

I wanted to share just a few of my favorite spots to shop, eat and play. Long Beach Island, New Jersey is a great place to spend a week by the shore with friends or family. I’ve got you covered for every meal for your first day on the island and some of my favoriteContinue reading “A Few of My Favorite Things… on Long Beach Island”

Update: My First Surgery

To be honest, I stopped sleeping well about three nights before from my scheduled surgery. All of the fascinating aspects of my diagnosis disappeared the more discussion and scheduling became reality. I dreaded going into the hospital and considered if I could chose not to have the procedure altogether. But alas, I had to getContinue reading “Update: My First Surgery”

Trusting God Through 2020’s Challenges

There I was waiting alone in a patient room for the doctor to return with the results of the CT scan. The doctor noted my headaches could be my only symptom of COVID-19, but she first wanted to start with a CT to rule out anything obvious. I sat with my hands folded together andContinue reading “Trusting God Through 2020’s Challenges”

Thoughts for a Saturday

5/30/15 Today I was reminded of the importance of making time for God. Each day we’re bombarded by so many plans, tasks and chores that can take the place of quality time with the Lord. Often times, we make time for something we deem more important than talking with Him. Even time spent with theContinue reading “Thoughts for a Saturday”