Traveling with a Purpose

Let’s paint a picture. You’re planning your next vacation and determining where to go. What drives your decision to visit a specific location? National Geographic states, “More than ever people want to travel with a greater sense of purpose,” says Deborah Calmeyer, CEO and founder of Africa travel specialist Roar Africa.” Society is choosing toContinue reading “Traveling with a Purpose”

Online Shopping Trends

In 2019, retail shopping has become less common to buyers. Online shopping accounts for 10% off sales and more and more people are buying online! Don’t get me wrong there are people who still prefer shopping through retail locations, but millennials from ages 22-37 are driving sales online. 30% of consumers would purchase through Pinterest, Instagram,Continue reading “Online Shopping Trends”

Thoughts for a Saturday

5/30/15 Today I was reminded of the importance of making time for God. Each day we’re bombarded by so many plans, tasks and chores that can take the place of quality time with the Lord. Often times, we make time for something we deem more important than talking with Him. Even time spent with theContinue reading “Thoughts for a Saturday”