Surgery Four

At this point, I’m content. All I can say is God is good.

I feel like through this year I’ve experienced a lot of “when things don’t go as planned” scenarios and to be frankly honest I’m over it. Yet, through the diagnosis, complications in surgery, the pandemic and juggling different jobs this year, God is constant and He is faithful.

Yesterday was my last (fifth) embolization and that’s the last embo officially checked off the list. On Monday, I’m having open brain surgery. Just a little longer and I can heal and put this whole ordeal and year behind me! I think everyone can agree it is time for 2021. OVER IT.

Anyways, surgery four was another whirlwind. My embolization went great and I was out of surgery around noon. I slept most of the afternoon away and got most of the annoying equipment taken out of me since I was going home the next day and didn’t need all that for overnight.

Around dinner a doctor told me he was having trouble finding a strong pulse in my right foot, which after what happened previously with an artery cutdown, I wasn’t really buying it. I could not believe it would happen again and I wasn’t letting it even pop into my mind. The doctor told me not to worry, but they would monitor it for a while.

Unfortunately, he came down and told me his fellows wanted to send me for a CT. By the time I returned, everything progressed quickly. I was seen by four familiar doctors from vascular surgery and anesthesia and told I needed to have surgery immediately.

The doctors could no longer find a pulse in my right foot and I told him I wanted to refuse the operation. I just got out of surgery and was feeling better and had eaten and now was supposed to go through the whole nightmare again?!

I gave in and agreed to the procedure and sobbed as they put me under. The side effects of refusing the surgery were too severe, but I was wishing there was any other way.

When I woke, it was the middle of the night so thankfully I slept that night. Usually the hospital makes me so anxious I feel like I don’t sleep, but anesthesia and some powerful drugs did the trick that night.

By the morning, I was only not in pain when I didn’t move. I had 16 staples at the bottom of my stomach reaching down to my thigh. Every little movement hurt, but if I wanted to get out of the hospital I had to prove I could get up on my own and walk a certain distance down the hall.

Made it home next day though thanks to my persistence, but recovery was much longer with staples along a four inch incision. It was hard and painful getting out of bed and moving my leg since the incision was over the right groin. One day though it just changed. Suddenly, there was no more pulling and pinching as the skin healed and it was wonderful.

For most of the two weeks recovering, I wasn’t doing much productively. It’s been very depressing to not be able to go about my regular routine. I miss working and getting dressed, but I’m trying to focus on the positives. God has been good in so many ways.

The nurse practitioner on my neurosurgeon’s team is fantastic. She’s kind, thoughtful and always has a solution. I had staples practically pried out of me by a visiting nurse who did not know what she was doing so, Deidre (Dr. Oligvy’s nurse practitioner) gave me the number of a nurse in Beth Israel and got me in the office that day where the staples were taken out correctly!

Even though, it was challenging, I felt God’s presence through every aspect. From wonderful and caring nurses to quick recoveries and fully healing. God is evident and I’m very thankful I’m alive.

3 thoughts on “Surgery Four

  1. Almost there, it’s literally one and done. 🙂 And remind me never to get staples, I’ll deal with stitches and looking like something out of The Nightmare Before Christmas.


  2. Only one more and this is over for good! Even with the unforeseen surgeries you have stayed so positive through all of this. We are so lucky to have such a strong warrior woman like you as a friend! Love Sam, JL, Winona, and Moosie 🙂


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