Beach Day in Rye, New Hampshire

This is a new area I’ve been exploring and I’m all for the quaint little beach towns. If you’re looking for a quieter beach destination to relax by the ocean, then Rye, New Hampshire is perfect for you! It’s a great spot for families and it boasts way less traffic and overall congestion than Hampton Beach.

There’s a bath house just before you walk onto the beach and you can park just behind the surf shop for the day for $20 or if you’re lucky right along in front of the ocean for a little less!

The local surf shop called Summer Sessions has the cutest boutique for clothes (and brands like Billabong and Free People), surfboards, and general merchandise. The inside is also the home to the Sandpiper Cafe which has amazing smoothies, sandwiches and acai bowls.

We have been really lucky this year about having perfect beach days! The last two times we drove to the beach it was raining in the morning, even rained on our drive last time, but cleared up to be the be sunny, warm and beautiful!

My boyfriend and I love grabbing dinner in Hampton Beach. Hampton is full of young people, families and activities. It’s much busier and loses the slower pace of Rye, NH, but, there are so many restaurants or bars to choose from as well as arcades, mini golf and little beach shops to keep yourself occupied.

My favorite restaurant is the Sea Ketch Restaurant on Hampton Blvd and it’s located right in front of the ocean! The second level has a full menu where you can sit indoors or on the porch with an ocean view. The third floor and above serves fried foods and beverages and is fully open to the outdoors. There are three levels of decking to sit on in the breeze of the ocean and take in the views! It is definitely the place to be which means there will always be a wait.

Let me know your favorite spots by the ocean and maybe we’ll take a drive and check them out!

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