Solid Foundation

It’s amazing how a busy schedule feels like you don’t have time for the ones you love. In a relationship, it can be so daunting to not have time to spend with your significant other. When life gets crazy and there’s not enough time in the day, it’s so nice to know your person understands and is there to support you. I was talking about this with a girlfriend the other day and it rings true in my own life. Without the background of knowing my boyfriend and building a foundation with him, I would feel so overwhelmed currently. Let me give you a glimpse into my routine. I work two jobs and am finishing my degree online. Not only is there the pressure of spending time with friends and family but also making time for self care. I have become a regular gym attendee and the gym is now a great space for me to relieve stress and challenge myself physically. Though I may feel overwhelmed at times, I’m thankful I have a solid rock reminding me to keep going and strive for more.

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