Traveling with a Purpose

Let’s paint a picture.

You’re planning your next vacation and determining where to go. What drives your decision to visit a specific location?

National Geographic states, “More than ever people want to travel with a greater sense of purpose,” says Deborah Calmeyer, CEO and founder of Africa travel specialist Roar Africa.”

Society is choosing to travel with intention. Volunteer work overseas is leading the decision of our country’s travelers. People want to make a difference in other countries, which is causing a positive change in their own lives.

In many places in Africa, people are finding value in the helping a community in need, educating and offering resources for the people and animals. Those returning homes find a greater appreciation for what we have and how we can make a difference impacting the world as a whole.

There are teaching, child-care, medical and dental jobs and need in developing countries. The impact we can make on the people there is immense.

Christian based organizations are leading travel trends as volunteers head overseas to make a difference in developing countries. Ministries not only bring those to Christ but bring resources, food, provide houses and build communities.

Noonday Collection is an ambassador based jewelry company that created a way for artisans in vulnerable countries to earn a living for their families by using their talents and skills to create beautiful jewelry. This company through fair trade sustainability has created better working and living conditions for those in developing countries.

“Sustainable tourism [is defined as] travel that seeks to diminish environmental impacts, protect the earth, and benefit locals, while also encouraging travelers to make deep connections with the people and places they visit” (Travel Weekly).

We can help to by recycling paper and plastic, using less water and keeping chemical pollutants to a minimum at our jobs and our homes.

Traveling abroad has become more than tourist based leisure. People are traveling to get hands-on experience and impact developing countries around the world.

There are still a need for volunteers in developing countries around the world. Local churches in your area send teams of volunteers out yearly. Princeton Alliance Church in Plainsboro, New Jersey is sending teams out to their five partner countries multiple times a year. Opportunities are closer than you think!

People from celebrities to the middle class are joining this travel trend. Purpose driven travel is on the rise and there is still so much work to be done in vulnerable communities around the globe. Not only are you impacting the community, but gaining meaningful experience and knowledge from that society.

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